Why plan for a funeral pre-arrangement?

Start planning your funeral pre-arrangements now so that you can make right decisions about-your funeral for you and your loved ones.

Out of respect for your beliefs and to alleviate the burden for your loved ones in having to make difficult decisions while they are already mourning your passing, take the time now to think about this major milestone in your life and foresee all the details. How does your family wish to dispose of your remains or ashes? What type of ceremony would you like? Do you want an open-casket visitation? Will funds be available to cover the costs of your funeral when you pass away? All these aspects—and many more—must be addressed by your loved ones when you pass away and if you haven’t attended to your funeral pre-arrangements.

By planning all the details of your funeral, you will give your loved ones peace of mind and enable them to grieve serenely. Take the time to better understand the importance of planning your funeral pre-arrangements today.

The counsellors at Désourdy Funeral Homes can meet you at their offices or in the comfort of your home, without any obligation on your part.

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Funeral pre-arrangements made with Désourdy Funeral Homes are regulated by the Act respecting prearranged funeral services and sepultures, which is under the responsibility of the Office de la protection du consommateur.

Financing plans are available. When you purchase a pre-arrangement from Désourdy Funeral Homes, your money is placed in a trust, as required by law.

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